Connection to the Land: Abiotic and Biotic

Abiotic and biotic factors are present in every ecosystem and community. They work together to provide a working environment that is best for all living things. The difference between these two types of factors is that abiotic components are nonliving and biotic components are living or once living things.Abiotic factors are very diverse, but each one plays its own role in ecosystem maintenance

Abiotic (Non-Living) factors include :

All these things (and many more) can a huge effect on which plants animals can live in any particular.

Biotic (Living) factors

The “community” is all the living things within the ecosystem being studied. All the plants, animals and microbes are part of the community. They all depend on each other, and interact with each other in many important ways.


  • Animals need to eat other living things.


  • kangaroos eat grass.
  • spiders eat insects.


  • Many living things help each other to survive.

  • e.g. plant flowers provide nectar to feed insects, birds, bats, etc. In return, these animals pollinate the flowers.This relationship is called “Mutualism”.


  • Many living things face competition from other species that need the same food, or the same nesting sites, or the same living space.

Competition is a life or- death struggle.

Parasites & Diseases

  • Some living things are parasites and feed from others  without killing them.
  • Some microbes cause infectious diseases.

Analysis: Copy and complete the following table for each of the animal action videos. 

(Note: we sourced the animal action videos from which allows you to stream numerous videos showing different organisms and ecosystems.)

Video Main organism Ecosystem/Habitat Abiotic factors Biotic factors

Measuring Abiotic Factors

If you can’t wait for the investigation try this – Walk in the Forest – Dirt Detective

Measuring Biotic Factors


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