Connection to the Land: Aboriginal Narrative


Australian Aboriginals did not have written languages (individual words were collected from first contact, but languages as systems were not written down until well into the 20th century).

Their songs, chants, legends, and stories, however, constituted a rich oral literature, and, since the Aboriginal “tribes” had no common language, these creations were enormously diverse.

Indigenous stories are thus often rich in meaning and can contain a number of elements or dimensions.

Although no written language was present, a rich tradition of symbols existed. Here are a few examples with deeper explanations found at this site.

1. Create: Collaboratively in small groups (2-3students ), create a recount of your lesson to the waterfall and cave in the National Park using aboriginal symbols and story telling techniques. You will need to present your recount to the whole class.

2. Create: Watch the following aboriginal story about why the Midagan (Bargo) River has no fish.

Midagan (Bargo) River Video


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